What Clients Are Saying

VFS Services, Inc. prides itself on the ability to give the ultimate service our Dealers and Customers. Here are some testimonials from our Dealers and Customers:.

  • "A few words about V.F.S. Where to start. I have been doing business with V.F.S. since I started in the food service business in 1989. I started working with a company as an employee and to make a long story very short, now in 2015 I am in business for myself and V.F.S. has been there every minute from the time I got into the business over 26 years ago. They are always accommodating, friendly, and will always go the extra mile to ensure a smooth relationship. They have helped me out numerous times and I believe I wouldn’t be here if it were not for them. As important as all that is for me, even more important to me is the feedback I get from customers about them. I have never heard a bad word about them and many times have heard how they have helped customers by delaying payments or making arrangements or doing whatever they could possibly do to help them through a difficult time. As good as I believe my product and my service is, I know I could lose a customer just as easily by using the wrong finance company. All I ever hear about V.F.S. is how nice and polite and how helpful they are. I have had issues in the past, as I’m sure we all have, with the packer missing something on the delivery or the delivery guy being late or whatever. I can honestly say in all the years I have never heard a complaint about my finance company. At least there’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I look forward to being with them a long long time and we are hopefully just going to keep on growing together."

      Chuck Weinstein,President & Owner - Long Island's Own Home Food Service
  • "I'm writing to share with you how much I have enjoyed working with you and everyone at VFS Services. When I took over the day-to-day operations of Passanante’s Home Food Service in October 2011 I was very fortunate to have a variety of financing options for our customers. From our first conversation you asserted VFS’s experience in our industry and assured me that you would be a worthwhile partner. I'm very pleased to say that no truer words have ever been spoken. Not only have you met the standards that you promised to meet; you have exceeded them in almost every case. I could not be happier to have a financing partner of the caliber of VFS. Passanante's partnership with VFS has certainly been a key factor that has allowed for our incredible growth over the past three years. With your continued support I’m sure that our companies can reach new and unprecedented heights in the years to come. Thanks so much for your service, your professionalism, and your loyalty."

      Jason E. Jaworski, Owner & President - Passanante's Home Food Service
  • "I would love to tell others about VFS and their services. VFS has extremely good customer service. They are friendly, caring and knowledgeable! They also make paying your bill extremely easy and convenient!"

      Belle King